What we do...

The simple answer is...we make Lip Balm.

How & Why We Do It...

But we believe that it's the "how" and the "why" that sets us apart.  We aspire to be more than just lip-balm-makers.  We strive to always understand what our customer's value. Then determine how to achieve those goals with genuine enthusiasm.   

It starts with an attitude of service to others. However, this effort isn't reserved just for our customers.  Any business can purchase the hourly service of its employees.  But we earn our employee's hearts as well.  We believe that caring, committed and loyal employees aren't simply discovered.  Great employees are nurtured and developed.  We value our employees as individuals and foster their varied gifts.  In short, we treat our employees the way we expect them to treat you.

We believe that most people want "only the best." That's why we choose organically grown natural ingredients.  We can't achieve being the best unless we start with the best. It's that simple.  We also believe that value is equally important.  Just because it's the best lip balm in the universe shouldn't mean it has to be overpriced.  

We choose to foster long lasting relationships over short-cuts.  Our customers deserve our very best effort.  At Bee Smacks, we don't claim that "the customer is always right", but we do believe that the customer always has a right to be appreciated and have their concerns respectfully addressed.  While we can't foresee and prevent every issue, we will do everything in our power to ensure your total satisfaction and ongoing loyalty. 

Thank you for being the most important member of the Bee Smack family.

Building lasting relationships is paramount to lasting success.

Our employees are our most important ingredient.

Being the best demands uncompromising quality and value.