Who We Are...The Story of Bee Smack

Soon to be a major motion picture

We literally started Bee Smack in our home kitchen in Nashville.  At first we made it for fun, only for friends and family. We wanted it to be the best, so we only selected all natural and organic ingredients. Everybody loved it.  After a while, we decided that it would be more fun to make lip balm full time.  We quit our day jobs...perfected our recipes...and little baby Bee Smack was born.  

Since then, not a lot has changed.  Sure, Bee Smack has grown more than we ever dreamed.  But we still use local beeswax and only the best ingredients.  We only make small batches and pour every tube by hand.  Taking pride in what we do, caring about every detail, and refusing to be second best.  That is who we are and what we do. And we back it up-Jack!! 

Owner & Operator

Kirk Rawl

Kirk has been a Pharmacist for over 30 years.  A lot of his time was spent in compounding pharmacy and sterile compounding labs.  He blends artistic craftsmanship and pharmacy science into everything Bee Smack does.