Bee Smack

Bee Smack

Thank you for being the most important member of the Bee Smack family.

Bee Smack

BeesWax Lip Balm


Warm Flavor & Soothing Protection for Deserving Lips

"I Just Wanna Get Some and GO"

We won't slow you down. Click on one of our BOLD flavors.  Giddyup!

What We Believe
What We Do &
Why We Do It

For those who deserve the all Natural and Organic difference.

Homemade small batches of perfectly crafted flavors


"If you have no Honey in your Pot, have some in your Mouth."              

Benjamin Franklin

What They're Saying About Bee Smack

"I love the tasty kisses"

McKenzie K

"Love it...but is this stuff really homemade?"

Kaye R

"Burt who??  HaHa.  Y'all are the best"

Allison C

"Really good stuff!  My new favorite"

Barbara K

Leslie D

"This is the only one that really works on my cracked lips"